Texas Cheese Tour

The Music

Written By: Babs Hogan

Who is playing the beautiful guitar music on the Texas Cheese Tour videos?


John Morgan is our official musician.  Check out his site:  www.morganguitar.com
Thanks, John!



This CD is my favorite.  You’ll hear many of these songs on the TCT videos . The Journey is on track one…beautiful.

“The Journey – Places Real and Imagined is a group of instrumental songs written primarily around the theme of growing up in a small river town on the Ohio River during the 1960′s. Watching clouds forming fantasies, siblings, canoeing, swimming, the human parade – it’s all there.” (www.morganguitar.com)

1. The Journey
2. Castle of Clouds
3. Three Children
4. Streams of Mercy Showers of Blessing
5. Thursday Afternoon
6. House by the River
7. Power of a Dream
8. Diamonds in the Snow
9. The Squirrel with Red Eyes
10. Meeting at Endor
11. The Long Walk Home
12. Syme
To purchase the CD, go here.Listen to samples: